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Love my lunch tote! Big enough for large glass storage containers, plus my goodies, too

Rita R

Everything is cute, and practical. Things work! And I need that.

Nikki W

I'm much less likely to put that soda in my cart when my carrying around my Fit Chicks bag!

Michele S


Motivation for when I don't want to workout (which is every week!)

"5 surprising ways being well saves you money"

Improving your fitness, nutrition and well-being will help you live a longer, healthier life. But did you know that it could save you money, too? ...
Before You Start Another Fitness Challenge Read This!

Before You Start Another Fitness Challenge Read This!

Not all challenges are created equal and some challenges can be counterproductive to your health goals. 
My Meal Prep

My Meal Prep

With a focus on having a little bit more meat protein this month, I added a super high quality sausage to my beans, prepared a piece of panko-crus...

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