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“Most women are surrounded by people who don't help her. That means, most women are not in a community that helps her live healthy AND happy. Fit Chicks Movement fixes that!”

Be IN, not out there on your own

"Are you committed to being healthy and happy? Do you want to belong to a community that cares about you on the inside and outside? You’re in the right place. Fuel, the Fit Chicks! Movements opened in 2018 and while our sites are "under construction”, Fit Chicks! is not!Six years ago, I started helping women in Fishers, IN at my small studio to lose weight, stop dieting, get stronger, and be women they could be proud of at all stages of life. Week after week, 90 amazing women, along with my team, absolutely challenge and inspire me to serve more. Now it’s time to open our community to you - download the recipe e-book, join my mailing list and shop our online store. Be IN, not out, and join Fuel, the Fit Chicks! Movement,”-Roz Harris 

 Next Steps...Belong to a community of positive women committed to being healthy and happy for a lifetime, together - download the new recipe eBook, and checkout our little online shop


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