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It is a wonderful feeling when a new love comes into your life unexpectedly. How do I know? It recently happened to me!  

I was not looking for it!  I had no interest in a new love!  What for?!  At my age, please?! All I can say is, I like what I like!  I am not looking for anything new!  Much to my surprise, out of nowhere, a new love appeared. This new love of mine seemed to fill a void that I did not know existed. This new love gave me a sense of serenity and peace that seemed to be missing in my life. My new love’s name is Tea, Loose Whole Leaf Tea!  YES!!


Absolutely Amazing

If you like tea or if you do not like tea, or you have never tried loose leaf tea, you do not know what you are missing!! Loose leaf teas are absolutely, amazing!  I used to be a “tea bag” girl and I will just say, after having loose leaf tea, I will never go back!! There are so many different flavors and aromas!! These teas are amazing and so delicious!

Creating a Treasured Tea Time

I would encourage you to try loose leaf tea and incorporate it into your daily life.  Have “tea-time” with yourself, with family, friends or virtually with friends! Make it part of a wellness ritual during some quite time with journaling or just sitting with your feet up!  I have found that a wonderful cup of loose leaf tea, or a glass of iced loose leaf tea can provide a pleasurable transformation of my mood and provide health benefits to boot! To get to know my new love, loose-leaf tea, take a look at the articles below that include fun facts and health benefits about amazing loose leaf tea!


Caroline in love


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Discovery: 10 Fun Facts About Tea

P.S. These are my favorites right now!

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