Cassie and Kathy Tip for living healthy and happy

Cassie and Kathy Fit Chicks Ambassador Pro Tips

#1 - Cassie’s Tip:

My name is Cassie and I have been the social media intern for the Fit Chicks! Movement for 7 months now. It has been a blast. Currently, I am about to begin my last year at Anderson University and I am noticing how fast time goes.

So, here is my "pro tip" for you. It's okay to pause. I get so caught up in getting things done that I forget to pause and pay attention to the people around me. Some ways that I find time to pause is to set an evening a week to have no plans. As a control freak, I have had to give up my expectations. My time is not worth more than anyone else.

I think this is something that everyone of all ages can learn and improve. What is something you can do differently this week to give to those around you?

#2 - Kathy’s Tip: The Danger Zone Navigated

I had trouble afternoon (4-6 Danger zone) when 2 would start snacking. Scheduling my workout during that danger zone time has helped avoid that. My ultimate goal is to lower processed sugars and simple carbs.


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