I do not claim to know much about anything.  I have watched my world change from going to work Monday through Friday, doing regular grocery shopping on Saturday, going to Fit Chicks! to my regularly scheduled training sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, going to basketball games, … movies, church,  hanging out with friends and volunteering … from doing these “normal” things to now social distancing and isolating... a life that sometimes looks like snippets of movies like I Am Legend, Outbreak and Contagion.

The truth is, I am still kind of in shock, that we are actually on, stay at home orders, issued by the Governor of Indiana.  On February 29, 2020, the U.S. announced the first COVID19 death.  On March 24, 2020, Indiana is on a “stay at home” order.  Deaths in Indiana from COVID19 have reached 127 and for the United States, we’ve reached over 10,000 deaths. UNREAL!!

Now, what I will and do claim, is that I know, and absolutely can identify, my feelings of anxiousness and fear and sadness and frustration and worry and anger over this crisis.  All of these feelings have bubbled up at one point or another in what is now my “different than normal” life, that could be shifting to what may be a “new normal” life.  It is heartbreaking to hear about the families who have lost loved ones.  It is worrisome, frustrating and, outright maddening to hear doctors and nurses pleading for protective equipment, as they put their lives on the line to try to save others.  This is UNREAL to me.

I wanted to write about and acknowledge some of my feelings and thoughts, about this period of time, this world that we are living in right now.  I wanted to write something to remind myself, and maybe others who might take the time to read this, that I can do my part to help as much as I can, in this tragedy that is playing out as OUR LIVES right now.  I can do things like social distance, I can give to a charity, I can support small businesses in my community and, ones outside of my community, that I want to help survive this crisis.  I can support friends and family, .. I can pray,  … doing your part is whatever that looks like for you, this is just what it happens to look like for me. 

The other thing that I am remembering right now is that yes, this COVID19 thing is real and happening and impacting everyone’s lives.  But I can do “my part” whatever that looks like, AND I can still adjust, so that I can continue on my journey, of living healthy and happy.  I can do my part and still take care of family, work, … and take care of me too. Holding on to healthy and happy right now, I think is more important than ever!  

I know for me, ROUTINE on this journey is EVERYTHING.  I know for me personally … how I am wired, … REAL CONNECTION with people is EVERYTHING, and is a must for me to be healthy and happy.  Fit Chicks! rescued me once before (… you can see that story in my other blog).


The founder of Fit Chicks, Roz Harris, is 5’0” and fierce as all get out, AND she is  gracious and always in a posture of love and service to others.  She has an amazing “don’t quit” spirit that doesn’t allow her to stop, nor does it allow her to let anyone else near her give up on healthy and happy without a fight ... Enter Fit Chicks Daily

Fit Chicks Daily! was born out of the uncertainty that has become our lives right now.  Fit Chicks Daily! is a virtual personal trainer led, small group, fitness program that is inclusive of all of the same benefits (fitness, nutrition and well-being) that were provided in person at the Fit Chicks Studio – it’s just done virtually now.  And trust me, it has truly been the next best thing, to actually being there!  The trainer can see and hear us, and we can see and hear the trainer, as well as the ladies who are working out in our small group session.  That means, when our butts are too high in the air when doing a plank, the trainer can see it and will tell us to" lower your butt!" The trainer can demonstrate a move when we forget how to do it properly.  And when someone “makes a funny”, we can all get a good laugh and have fun while we get the same great workout that we are accustomed to!!


Founder Roz Harris, and the Fit Chicks! team in Fishers, Indiana, literally saved my life once before in helping me to lose 100lbs,  as well as, find my voice … Roz Harris  and the Fit Chicks! team (Jenn, Amy, Kweku, Kami, and Kay) have now thrown me, and I’m sure many others, yet another “life jacket” with Fit Chicks Daily! that has given NEW LIFE to my and many others journeys of healthy and happy during these difficult times. 

#Grateful! #LoveFitChicks!team! #StrongisBeautiful #NOLIMITS!


  • I love Fit Chicks Daily with the trainers still being able to coach and give guidance while you are doing the work out!

    K Harris
  • I appreciate you sharing this. The problems we face in the world can sometimes feel so enormous and we want to help and sometimes don’t feel that we can because what we are facing is so enormous. Scaling it down to what we can contribute in terms of doing “our part” is a good approach. And I agree, I think staying with your routine where you can and staying in community is so important. Thank you for sharing.

    Shirley M. Williams

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