Does Better Tech Mean Better Fitness?

“Technology is like fire,” says Jonathan Fader, a sport psychologist. “You can use it to cook, but it can also burn your house down.” In other words, he says, these classes, subscriptions and gadgets can, for some people, truly increase physical fitness. “But you have to be careful.”


I wondered if having another "something" would be THE THING that would work to get me out of my rut. That "something" last year was an Apple Watch. I wasn't working out regularly and half the time I barely broke a sweat when I did throw on my gym shoes. I struggled and feared that maybe I would get my mojo back to do what it takes to live healthy... like exercise 3x per week!

Like before, I started looking for the shiny object to fix things. In past, I bought exercise DVD, so I thought I'd subscribe to "trainier-in-your-home" type of services.

In past, I hopped to a new gym or signed up for a class, so I thought I'd get into something with new equipment and bells and whistles

In the past, I'd get some professional evaluation, so I thought about making an appointment for a BOD POD and body analysis.

Then, I remembered a personal process that would lead me to success 

  1. Go deeper (motivation)
  2. Make it visual (present)
  3. Get into community (accountability)

Let me share more...  I needed to go deeper and understand or tap into my personal motivation for wanting to exercise 3-4 times per week. What really was getting in my way? How did I make other things (or people) more of a priority. How could I break my goal down enough to get some momentum

This is also when technology came into play... To make exercise and moving more, more enjoyable, fun and keep it top of mind, I needed to make it VISUAL. Here, my Apple Watch helped a lot. I got a series 3 (non gps) watch, took the 3 classes at the Apple Store to learn all about the "health apps" and put those things on the face. Now every time I look or feel my watch notify me, it's about fitness and health related goals that I have.

The watch also helped me get into community, too. I got to pair up with my sister and bestie to see when they workout and complete the activity ring. Plus, I asked a few Fit Chicks Movement (FCM) group members to join me a "month long marathon" and we completed 26.2 miles over the month.

Technology is amazing and an amazing tool. USE IT... and remember it will not take the place of community connection.


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