It's What She SAID! ...How COVID-19 Forced These Women to Change.

Like many of you, our small gym closed and women where left wondering what to do. Personally I was afraid that all my hard work these past three years was about to be erased. I figured I would gain, not just "covid 19 pounds" but 19 times 2.

Then our little spot did this thing. They created Fit Chicks Daily   It has been fantastic being able to continue working toward healthy and happy goals by being able to continue doing personal trainer led sessions during the stay at home order.  But besides working out it's been great having accountability and community again, too.

Now this program, our trainers and the special community are accessible to everyone! That's what's most amazing to me. I guess!

I recently asked clients to tell me what they think of Fit Chicks LIVE and here’s what they said:

Shauna Said

I love the community, the trainers and the sense of accomplishment when my weight change or the exercise challenges are increased.  I also loves that the trainers are encouraging and that I have accountability by having a set workout time.

Lindsay Said

I love being able to interact with the other ladies in my virtual sessions.  The trainers are creative around the workouts that they have us do so that we are getting the same great workouts virtually that we would get in the studio.  I love the flexibility of the schedule and that I have a set time slot for my workouts.  I also love the nutrition talks on Friday afternoons!  And lastly, I love the prerecorded cardio as an option for getting cardio in.

Jessica Said

I love Fit Chicks LIVE!   I feel loved every time I show up.  The crew and beautiful ladies who make up the Fit Chicks community build me up, they support me and help motivate me to be better.  The workouts are fun and they work!  The nutrition talks keep me on my toes and I love that Jenn and Roz are truly vested in my success.  I loves each one of the trainers even if I struggle to walk and breathe after finishing a training session. LOL!  “They are all AWESOME!”



Karen (center picture) Said…

I LOVE FIT CHICKS LIVE (FCL)... It keeps me engaged in my goals of improving my health, keeping me committed, and focusing on living my best life.  I’m still personal training, getting stronger, and getting my nutritional assistance that I need, which I was afraid would have stopped with the current environment.  FC has become such a part of my life that FCD is allowing me to continue with that connection safely with the stay at home order. I am so thankful for the technology, the motivation, the commitment of the FC team, and the love and care they put into each virtual contact we have. 

Michele Said

My workouts are so good. My abs still hurt after that one class. It's feeling more and more like being in the studio, but I still miss leaving the house! Thankfully, you all so fun and I love seeing Rita!

Aleta Said …

It is easy to do virtual sessions with the trainers!  It feels like the trainer is right there with us and is making sure that we are doing exercises correctly.  It’s been fun being able to work out with my same workout buddies.  The trainers have been great about adjusting workouts based on exercise equipment you have or don’t have.  And time slots are available that work for my schedule. 

To those of you who are clients of Fit Chicks who have not yet plugged in to Fit Chicks LIVE, you are missing out!!  This is not the time to pause or quit on your health and happiness. 


PERSONAL MESSAGE: To those of you who are not clients and have been thinking about trying Fit Chicks, or trying a personal trainer, or wanting to join a fitness studio, or just wanting to take better care of yourself so that you feel better … ask yourself, if you are currently doing very little to take better care of yourself, what is the harm in giving something different a try?  I’m telling you what I know! … this is the place to be!  

Reach out to Jenn! For more information about the Fit Chicks LIVE SPECIAL OFFER, call (317) 348-8600 or email Want the easiest way to get in touch? Click - JUST COMPLETE THIS INTEREST FORM


Okay got to go! It's almost time for my workout!! Caroline Johnson, Fit Chicks Movement Community Manager and FCM Ambassador

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