Fit Chicks Movement (FCM) is on the Move!!

Fit Chicks Movement (FCM) is saying yes to finding new ways to reach more women across the country.

We are in our third year of helping women live healthy and happy and we want to take a moment to take a look back and remember a little of our journey. 

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In our first year, we reached women through our weekly Monday evening class led by Coach Roz Harris where she gave tips, tools and techniques on everything from how to get more vegetables into your life, to ways to improve your sleep, to developing a practice of gratitude... to doing month long plank challenges.




In our second year, Coach Roz lead us with weekly live chats on FACEBOOK and Instagram where she continued teaching and coaching on all subjects healthy and happy.



In our third year, we are branching out!! We are showing up live and in person at a number of local events, as well as some events in other states, in an effort to touch more lives and reach more women to help them on their journey to living healthy and happy.


We will be sharing our journey this year in our blog and will be celebrating the stories of other women who are coming along with us on this journey, as well as the stories of some of the women we meet along the way!


Most women are surrounded by people who don’t help her. That means most women are not a part of a community that helps her live healthy and happy. Fit Chicks Movement fixes that! Join us on our journey! Be inspired by other women and find YOUR MOTIVATION along the way!!


Our first stop, is Cincinnati, Ohio Mortar/Brick Pop-Up 1329 Vine Street. Come by and see us and find your motivation to live healthy and happy!!



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