FIT CHICKS MOVEMENT Wishes you a Happy and Healthy New Year!! - READ OUR STORY

We are a group of women committed to living healthy and happy for a lifetime!  We just know that it’s important to do it together!


My name is Karen, Jenn, Rosie, Nikki, Sara, Liz, Sade, Kris, Aletta, Roxanne, (insert your name here)… we all have a story.   Every woman has a story, … a journey that has brought her to this point in time, perhaps a crossroad, where she wants to make a change, do something for herself.  WE want to reach out to you to thank you for leaning into the Fit Chicks Movement to connect with us and we want to take this opportunity to share a little and hopefully connect with you. 


 It’s hardER to get to know folks virtually and make determinations around how to “proceed socially” as social cues are kind of out the window when you are connecting online …  With that said, I’m embracing maybe experiencing a little bit of awkwardness or un-comfortability, in an effort to connect.  I want to share a small sampling of our stories with you and what brought us to the Fit Chicks Movement!


… married for over 25 years … 12 years, … I'm divorced … I'm single …  I have 3 children … I don't have children … .  I have worked inside the home, … outside of the home my entire marriage and adult life.   I have taken care of and prioritized my children, my husband, my employer, family, … any and everybody in between, and whatever is left at the end of the day, … in time, in energy, caring … is what I have left for me.  And that is usually next to nothing. 


I found myself at a point in my life where I wasn’t as healthy as I wanted to be.  In fact, I was overweight … I wasn't as strong as I used to be … I could not walk and keep up with my family on vacations … , and I knew I had to do something now!  I knew if I didn’t take action now, I’d be at even more risk of “never taking action” and not being around in a way that I wanted to be for myself and my family later in life. 


For many of us, there is a lot of story before this point, this crossroads, and a whole lot after … but I want to get to the good part so I’m skipping that stuff … I made the decision to get active and COMMIT to being active, eating healthy, and working on my personal well-beingAND THAT’S WHAT I DID!!  I made the decision to join the Fit Chicks Movement and be ENGAGED with this wonderful community of women – and I did!  I’ve lost 30 lbs, … lost 100lbs …lost 15lbs ... lost 50lbs... , and I can run on the treadmill now where before I could only walk … I can do a full body plank …  and I am healthier in body and MIND than I have ever been!! 

Every woman has her own story … has her own journey, and they are not to be compared or judged, that’s not what we’re about.  In this space, we are all about walking toward a LIFETIME OF HEALTHY AND HAPPY TOGETHER, supporting one another, so that NO WOMAN HAS TO DO IT ALONE.  One of our goals is to be able to share stories of real women who are a part of the Fit Chicks Movement, in the hope that you will be inspired to take a step toward healthy and happy, .. not give up on healthy and happy, … redefine your healthy and happy and not do it alone.


“Most women are surrounded by people who don’t help her. That means most women are not a part of a community that helps her live happy and healthy. The Fit Chicks Movement fixes that by inspiring women to believe … ”

Welcome!  We are so glad you are here!

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