Fit Chicks Popped Up in Cincinnati!!

Fit Chicks had its first pop-up shop in OTR at 1329 Vine Street in Cincinnati, Ohio on February 14, 2020!!


When I say “we” I mean Fit Chicks and our two wonderful partners Alexis Nickelle Company and Sosha Bianca Studios

 These ladies are vibrant young entrepreneurs who are passionate about their businesses, and they were SO MUCH FUN to hang out with!!


The experience of our first Pop-UP was really nothing short of amazing!   Out of Mortar’s business office and retail space, we were able to create a quaint, cozy, boutique-style shop that was stylish!  We infused our shop with smooth and grooving sounds with a medley of songs from current artist like Alina Baraz, Sam Smith, and Johnny Swim to some oldies that are always “goodies”, like Michael McDonald, The Doobie Brothers, Stevie Wonder and Earth Wind and Fire!



Visitors who stopped in the Fit Chicks Pop-Up Shop were equally A-MAZ-ING!!  From the first woman we met (Katherine) who follows Mortar and knew that we were going to be there and wanted to check us out, to the freelancer who fell in love with our “imperfectly perfect” lip balm.  We met two lovely couples who were visiting from Atlanta, Georgia, who were there for the weekend to enjoy the area.  Our founder, Roz Harris ran into an old high school classmate, Shaun, from New Jersey!  We met a health coach who popped in with her cousin from Turkey!  We met a yoga instructor from Chicago!  And I had the pleasure of seeing an old co-worker, Sebrena, that I had not seen in over 20 years!! I also got to meet her lovely 12 year old daughter, Jazzy, who is an A-MAZ-ING swimmer!!  These were just a few of the dozens of amazing people that we met this weekend and they all have their own stories and their own journeys of health and happiness.

What was the absolute best thing about all of the lovely people who stopped in, you ask?  The absolute, best, thing, was the connection that we made with each person who walked into our store.  We had conversation with each person who walked in and were able to ask them which of our current motivations speaks to them and/or what motivation on our 2020 motivation voting ballot speaks to them and why.  It was great hearing women express what Stronger Everyday looks like for them or why that is important to them … or why Brave not Perfect was their favorite motivation on the 2020 motivation ballot.

 We all are striving to live well.  We all are trying to figure out what it looks like to live healthy and happy and how to achieve that.  We know that some of us may have a better grip on at least one aspect of what it means to live healthy and happy, but at the same time, still struggle with another aspect.

We are reminded that walking this journey on our own is not only NOT fun, but it just doesn’t work.

Being able to connect with women in this way, reminds us of why we do what we do.

Fit Chicks has found a second home in this wonderful, renovated, bustling, neighborhood on Vine Street.  We are looking forward to seeing you again, or meeting you for the first time the weekend of March 20 – March 22, 2020!  Please come by to connect with us and tell us what motivation speaks to you!

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  • Looks like a great pop up. Are you back in OTR soon?


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