Food Talk

Hi ya… so here’s what I’m thinking and wondering tonight.

First though, my prayer is that what I write is helpful to someone, in helping them move forward in their healthy and happy journey.

Okay. Is it just me or does it seem that it’s difficult to find a good healthy discussion about food and eating healthy food in a healthy way outside of FCM.

Sometimes it seems like talking about food is almost borderline taboo - like it’s almost a social faux pas to ask questions about what someone is eating or cooking for dinner. People seem uncomfortable with it sometimes and I’m wondering what that’s about?

I have experienced co-workers come up to me just angry because someone was too inquisitive about what they were eating at their desk or warming in the microwave.

I know for myself there was a time that I didn’t like carrying my lunch to work because it seemed to invite what I deemed to be blatant “nosiness.”

I’m wondering if this stems from a food shaming thing or something else? 

I know there have been times when I “felt on guard” when questioned about what I was eating both when I was over 300lbs and also when people wanted to know what I was eating that helped me lose weight. 

I enjoy food and I’m curious about different foods and recipes and dishes and I like asking questions about food.

I wonder if we talked more freely about food and shared more about what we eat, what our cravings are, when we over do it because it was just so amazing (Longs Donuts for me), what we cooked that turned out terrible (anything new I try) - I wonder if that would help those of us who carry guilt or shame or what ever that is that tells us to be guarded around talking about food and what we eat, to be able to set what ever that is down, or set down thinking “why can’t I do better” so that there is an opening for hearing something new and possibly learning something new?

Now I’m wondering is there such a thing as “exercise shaming” ...?

Thanks for reading...

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