I've fallen and I CAN get up - HELP!

Hello Beautiful! Remember those commercials and ads of the feeble, old woman on the  ground and helplessly saying "I've fallen and I can't get up".  Too many images and our personal experiences make us resigned to believing the LIE that women are weak.

Let me ask you a question? Can you complete a full body plank, on your elbow for 35-60 seconds?

No? Decide to change this, now, please! 

When you're able to properly plank it's a measure of your shoulder, ab, core, and leg strength. Another words, if you can plank, you might fall, but you can pick yourself up.

Here are several resources for creating a plank practice

  • Instructional Video by Passion4Profession on YouTube 
  • Love this beginner video by Coach Tulin. She did several short videos
  • Accountability Club Lesson by Coach Roz audio lesson (listen)

Yes? OMG! Awesome, keep doing them - and consider adding a little more intensity to keep you strong, everyday. For example, go longer, modify the positions like adding a jack, or incorporate suspension training into your plank practice. Need help shoot me an email roz@fitchicksmovement.com

Embrace the day, Roz

P.S. I'm not able to workout consistently, constantly on my own. If you can, amazing! Have you checked out Daily Burn (https://dailyburn.com)

P.P.S. Heather Robertson published a workout on October 31 and it was something like "killer core"... See her Advance Plank Workout here.



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