Shauna's Message of struggle and encouragement

This is a short but potent encouraging message from Shauna.  Please take a listen.

What I hear her say is that “yes, this journey may be hard”… accept that this may be the case and it’s okay if it’s difficult.  It’s okay if it’s challenging. 



Next she says, “rely on your Fit Chicks! Movement Community.”  What I hear, is that I GET TO DO THIS WITH SOMEONE.  I get to go through successes, difficulties, slip ups, confusion, learning … all of it with a group of supportive women who have been where you are in some way, shape or form AND who are all traveling in the same direction of health and happy.  I’ve learned it’s a warm and welcoming community of women, who when they share their successes and their struggles, another woman is inspired, another woman is moved to keep trying, … another woman is encouraged to keep going … sharing our slip ups and our triumphs helps to propel each other forward – together.


She encourages women to follow their clean eating meal plans …

What I hear in this is, HAVE A PLAN that includes clean eating.  Having that eating plan - the meal plan, on the front end, i.e., knowing what you are going to eat ahead of time and not making 3-5 decision a day about what you are eating, cuts down dramatically on choosing poorly around what you are eating.  

When I’ve had a tough day at work and I’m tired and hungry and I don’t have a meal plan that I stick to … game over!


She says “get in the gym” … what I hear her saying is move.  Get some activity happening in your life.  You don’t have to go out and be an Olympic athlete to improve your health.  You don’t have to start big.  Baby steps work just fine here.  The idea is just to get moving.  If you can walk, walk somewhere – anywhere.  If you don’t want to miss your favorite shows on TV, do something in front of the TV while watching.  Stand up and sit down in your seat until the 1st commercial break.  Do leg lifts … wall push ups, walk in place for the entire show.  The point, get started doing some type of movement/activity.


Lastly, Shauna says, “you are healthier, happier and stronger than you realize.” 

What I hear is that maybe I’ve lost sight of me a little bit, over time. If I can spend time with myself, focusing more on myself “ALSO/IN ADDITION TO OTHERS” - not neglecting kids, significant others, etc., … but INCLUDING myself as a priority in my life ALSO, I just may become aware that Shauna's statement is true.  Pay attention to you … include yourself in your priorities.  Give it a few weeks and then ask yourself what are you aware of now, and see if anything has changed or is different about your healthy and happy.  

Shauna, this is a great message!. Thanks so much for the encouragement!!

What's your struggle and encouragement? Will you let me know? Share with us? Comment below...

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  • i love this article but i believe u should work on your capitalization in the title to make it more professional. #grattitudeisgangster


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