• We Can do Hard Things

    The time to care for yourself is now.  It’s today.
  • Shauna's Message of struggle and encouragement

    This is a short but potent encouraging message from Shauna.  Please take a listen. W...
  • Forward (Submitted by Kami Abrell)

    Kami!! You are courage, inspiration, truth and beauty epitomized!!  Thank you for inspiring us and congratulations!  We are celebrating with you!
  • Not Broken

    Today, I can say, I lost 100lbs in my healthy and happy journey.  Today I can say, part of my life (my lifestyle) now includes training (working out – weights and carido) 3 times a week – minimum – EVERY week.  It is rare that I don’t get in 3 workouts.  I have always enjoyed food and I still do.  I enjoy just about all of the foods that I used to enjoy – I have learned to enjoy them maybe cooked differently, or by having less of certain things (i.e. meat) and more of other things (i.e. vegetables). 
  • How To Handle Rude Questions About YOUR Weight Loss

    Q: I’m like you, I unknowingly became fat in my late twenties to late thirties for about 15 years and I just realized apparently that became my cha...
  • "5 surprising ways being well saves you money"

    Improving your fitness, nutrition and well-being will help you live a longer, healthier life. But did you know that it could save you money, too? ...
  • How to Break the Habits that Get You Stuck

    Bad habits are often what get us stuck. Ideally, we see what’s happening (I can’t afford my speeding tickets), and we adjust (drive slower). But sometimes we recognize the bad habit and choose not to do anything about it, willing to live in “stuckness” (think procrastination).