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I saw how most women were surrounded and smothered by people who didn't help her. That meant, most women were not a part of a community that would lift her up. I built Fit Chicks! to fix that. We started with a small studio outside of Indianapolis, and now support a community of women across the country. 

You CAN live healthy AND happy, We just do it together! 

Roz Harris

Founder of Fit Chicks!

FCM Ambassadaors

Each month, I want to bring you stories, motivations and insights from women, like you, who are doing the hard work. Sometimes it's amazing and sometimes it's messy. But always it's real.

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FCM Ambassador of The Month

I need to nourish that piece of my heart.  The piece of my heart that needs to know I can make mistakes, and am allowed to feel frustrated, angry, sad. It is the same piece of my heart that also needs to know I am never alone. That I am enough, just as I am. Perfectly imperfect. 

 It is knowing that I am not defined by one day, one action, one choice, but a combination of all of them. And that means that I can make mistakes, I can accept who I am, even when not perfect because no one is. I can like me even when I am frustrated. And most of all, I can love and accept me unconditionally be I am making the best decisions for me and continuing in forward progress.

Kami Abrell

Teacher, Author and YES dog-lover

FCM Ambassador of The Month

I am heading into my 3rd year of weight maintenance. And Good Lord...!! It is tough at times especially as you just live life - throw in challenges at work, challenges at home, traveling and stressors that come from every which way... and that’s okay. I can do tough - not perfectly but I can take some bumps and hits and get up and keep going. (something I’ve learned along the way)

This summer has been about practicing living in my values and practicing some tools I’ve learned along the way to help me maintain my healthy and happy. I am celebrating 3 years with Fit Chicks! this month!! I am celebrating personal growth and who I am becoming. 

Caroline Johnson

Insurance Professional and Full BODY Plank Pro


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