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I saw how most women were surrounded and smothered by people who didn't help her. That meant, most women were not a part of a community that would lift her up. I built Fit Chicks! to fix that. We started with a small studio outside of Indianapolis, and now support a community of women across the country. 

You CAN live healthy AND happy, We just do it together! 

Roz Harris

Founder of Fit Chicks!

FCM Ambassadaors

Each month, I want to bring you stories, motivations and insights from women, like you, who are doing the hard work. Sometimes it's amazing and sometimes it's messy. But always it's real.

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FCM Ambassador of The Month

When I first moved here, I didn’t know anyone. This was a new chapter in my life. I was working and in my 20’s and had gained 40lbs and my blood pressure was going up. I was worried about my health and my weight gain.I remember deciding that I had to get healthy again and drop the weight.  So, I decided to start jogging because that was all that I knew to do, to lose weight and get healthy. 

Full disclosure here:  I was so out of shape. So when I went out jogging, if no one was in their yard or driving by, I would jog and just be out of breath about ready to fall over. But then when someone was driving by or would come out on their lawn, I would straighten myself up and stand tall and jog like I was an Olympian! No lie! LOL! Thankfully, I was able to lose the weight.


Karen Beeson

Amazing CAbi Stylist, Work From Home Mom and "Crock Pot Specialist" 

FCM Ambassador of The Month

Over time, I dropped the weight and gained strength and a better sense of well-being. When I think back on the journey and what my hope is for my kids around fitness, nutrition and well-being. My hope is that my son and daughter are seeing balance in those 3 areas. My hope is that they don’t have the word “diet” in their vocabulary but instead substitute it with healthy living, and that they find a balance in that. That they don’t look to restrictive thinking, gimmicks, or loosey-goosey … but they live life with balance being restrictive, treats are okay but find a balance. It’s not about a perfect body on tv and it’s not my 600lb life. It's about loving your body - that's my motivation!


Jenn Rogers

Small Business Manager, Family Woman and a "Love YOUR Body" Expert  


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