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The Fit Chicks! Healthy AND Happy Checklist

Happy New Year! Wouldn’t it feel great to start 2019 with a clear, easy plan you could actually follow and get results? Of course it would! So, I want to invite you to free, live webinar I’m leading on Monday, January 28 at 12:00 PM ET

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It’s called The Fit Chicks! Healthy AND Happy Checklist, and in it, I’ll show you the 5 perfectly normal, basic steps that will set you up for being healthy AND happy in 2019. If this webinar sounds familiar, well it’s not. The Fit Chicks! Healthy AND Happy Checklist is not that other thing you’re thinking about. I’m not selling anything, or pre-promoting some new product launch. I’m offering a chance to come together in a community that gets your commitment and struggles.

Most women are surrounded and smothered by people who don’t help her. That means most women are not a part of a community that helps her to healthy AND happy. The Fit Chicks! Movement fixes that by offering things like this webinar on January 28.

When you register you get the opportunity to

  • Discovery 5 steps you can take THIS WEEK that set you up for an amazing healthy AND happy year
  • Get your personal question answered, because I will follow-up with you
  • Receive the playback recording, so you can listen a second time!
  • Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card along with my “healthy AND happy” recommendations for cookbooks, exercise gear and self-care

Embrace the day!

Roz Harris, Leader of Fit Chicks

P.S. I know you. It’s the new year and you are setting intentions, goals or even resolutions for yourself. That’s great. I am, too. But before you get into crazy mode, join me for this webinar. It’s going to help you cross a ton of worthless stuff off your list of “to do’s” and let you focus on simple steps that work.

Meet Your Host

Coach Roz Harris

Roz Harris has a real passion and dedication to helping people attain their goals as it relates to health and wellness. Its a quality that comes through very clearly when you talk with her. If health and wellness are areas you want to experience greater success in, Roz Harris is a great resource for you.